Make-and-Take Santa Barbara Wreath Class @ArmstrongGarden #ArmstrongGarden

Do you love how festive a Holiday Wreath is but not sure how to make one? If you’re looking for something fun to do with friends or by yourself, look into making a Christmas Wreath. Lately, Armstrong Garden have been sending me newsletters to try one of their classes and write about my experience so I registered for their Santa Barbara Wreath Make-and-Take Class, and now want to do it every year. They provided all the materials, and I took home my very own custom-made Holiday Wreath!

Succulent Pumpkin class in October and loved it. A table was set up to seat six. It was designed to be socially interactive, and we were encouraged to bring plants from our garden to share.

Step #1 – Picking out the Base.

The instructor had some healthy ones already picked out for us, but we had the opportunity to select different ones. I wanted mine to have pine cones and berries on it.

Step #3 – Creating a stem and securing it onto the base.

We cut off about 14″ of wire from the spool, and the instructor demonstrated how to wrap about 4″ around our bundle to create a “stem.” (We made them in batches of 3 or 5.) The remaining part of the wire was threaded and secured onto the base of the wreath. We learned how to weave it into the direction of the grain. It was a very simple process, and we were encouraged to add our own personality to our wreath. It was pretty cool to see how all of our wreaths turned out completely different using similar plants.

Have fun!

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