Making the Nice List with Santa’s Little Helper

Now that the kids are out of school and home for the next two weeks, I need them to stay out of trouble until Christmas, so Fox Home Ent Insiders sent us a Santa’s “Nice” List Kit to help us get through the next few days. It included Santa’s Little Helper shirts, Santa hats, check lists, and a certificate of completion. The ideal helpers will possess the 5 Sugarplum Virtues: A Cool Head Under Pressure, Humility, A Cooperative Nature, Inspirational Spirit, and A Kind Spirit.

Certificate of Completion!

After completing their good deeds and possessing Santa’s 5 Sugarplum Virtues, they were each awarded a Certificate of Completion from Santa Claus. (Click to enlarge before printing).

The great thing about this activity was they learned different ways to be helpful around the holidays, and the tools provided a fun way of doing them! It was easy to find things for them to help out and do good. Thanks, Fox Home Ent Insiders!
Happy Holidays!

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