Science Experiments with Fantastic Four In-The-Lab Kits | #Fantastic4Science #FantasticInsiders

Disclosure: We are Fox Home Ent Insiders.

While the kids are out of school this week, Fox Home Ent sent us some fun science kits to work on in conjunction with the movie release of Fantastic Four on Blu-ray and DVD. Reed Richards as “MR. FANTASTIC”, Sue Storm as the “INVISIBLE WOMAN”, Johnny Storm as “THE HUMAN TORCH”, and Ben Grimm as “THE THING” received their unusual powers after they teleported themselves to an alternate universe. Our themed kits included something featuring each Scientist. See below how our projects came out “In The Lab”.

Wax Art Candle Kit which came complete with various colored wax art crystals also known as granulated wax, glass containers, and wicks. The idea is like sand art and each of our candles came out completely different. It was super easy to make, and there were no melting involved. We loved it!

The Invisible Woman’s Invisible Ink
Our eyes can see visible light in a spectrum from red to violet. Fluorescent ink like the Invisible Woman is undetectable to the human eye because of its radiation is ultra-violet which is outside of the range of light we see. A black light shines UV light converting the energy from the UV light into glowing light that’s visible to the human eye. The children and I wrote secret messages that can only be decoded with the special black light flashlights.

What a great way to spend our week during holiday break. The children and I had fun making these projects “in the lab” while enjoying the film, and I loved that they are educational too. Thanks, Fox Home Ent Insiders!
Have fun!
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