Sneak Peek: MTV’s #TeenWolf Season 5 Part B @FHEInsiders

This is written by Angela Camacho for MTV’s Teen Wolf. All opinions are our own.

MTV’s Teen Wolf Season 5 Part B. The drama continues to unfold in the suspenseful teen saga. Fans can expect new genetically modified monsters, romance, and even more terror. My daughter, Clarissa, and I were ecstatic to be on set of MTV’s Teen Wolf to chat with the talented cast and get the behind scenes scoop for Season 5B.

  • Tyler Posey (Scott) talked about his role in the second half of season 5, “The dude has hit rock bottom. He has seen the darkest he will ever see. He has seen some really dark stuff and has been through a lot.” Season 5B will be about “resurrection”. Scott has come back from the dead and will attempt to bring back his pack.
  • Clarissa asked, “What is the scariest scene in Season 5 Part B?” Khylin Rhambo (Mason) said, “I’ll be honest I am really freaked out by the dread doctors and the science behind them. They can vibrate their frequencies, become invisible, and do mental weird things.” Romance is in the air Season 5B. Mason will have a new upcoming love interest.
  • Cody Christian (Theo) will play a bigger role in season 5B and is extremely dangerous. Christian stated, “Everyone should be scared of the new beast, Gevaudan. He’s big, loud, and scary.” At some point Scott will battle this horrific beast.
  • Dylan Sprayberry (Liam) talked about the closeness of the Teen Wolf cast. “We are all like a big family. We hang out off set.” We laughed as Sprayberry told us a funny story about accidentally starting a jeep on set and almost running over the crew.

We had a blast hanging out with the cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf, and can’t wait for Season 5 Part B! Teen Wolf Season 5 Part 1 is now available on DVD. Don’t miss the Season Premiere of 5B on Tuesday, Jan 5th at 9 PM!


Post written by Angela Camacho. Angela is a mom of four, Latina lifestyle blogger for, Co-Producer to the Listen To Your Mother Show OC, Momager to child actor, and has been featured in Orange County Register. She loves coffee, food, travel, fashion, and new adventures.

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