Porsche Timeline Show in Lake Arrowhead is Our Annual Tradition!

We stumbled upon Porsche Timeline Show in Lake Arrowhead a few years ago. We wanted to get out of the city so we took a day trip to the mountains. I think we were looking for Big Bear and came across this little town called Lake Arrowhead (about 30 minutes from each other). It was foggy that day but we saw that we had just missed an annual Porsche car show. Ever since then, I google it every year to try to make it every year. My boys love it! We’ve gone several times and as the boys get older, it’s a little different every time. If you’ve met my husband, you know that he is an Enthusiast. I dated this man since high school and he used to save all the posters from the car shows. At some point after we moved in together, I came up with this great idea to designate an area for him to hang these things in his garage. PERFECT.

The “Windy” Road Trip to Lake Arrowhead

Their car show is around the same time every year and I’m not sure if it’s purposely planned to coincide with their Oktoberfest so it’s usually in late September or early October. The drive from Orange County is about 1.5 hours. We like to get up there to have breakfast then walk around. The event usually ends around 2pm but then you can stay and celebrate Oktoberfest with them. A word of caution – the roads can get really windy (don’t forget you’re driving along the mountains). You’ll want to watch out for falling rocks and be especially careful when it’s foggy. The locals are always in a hurry to get up/down the mountains. I honestly stopped trying to keep up with them, because I’m scared to dive off the cliff. So please don’t feel rushed, don’t text while driving, and let them pass you up when a second lane opens up. As we’re driving up, some Porsche’s pass us up and we all get very excited. The minute we think we’re never going to get there, we see a sign leading us into Lake Arrowhead.

Porsche Corral

Once inside The Village, you immediately see a large parking lot surrounded by restaurants and buildings. They designate an area right in the center of the parking lot for Porsche enthusiasts visiting but not in the car show. They call it the Porsche Corral.  It is also the first place you want to stop and take pictures because the owners usually don’t stay for the entire event so by the time you make it all the way around, there are usually empty spots and chances are the one car you wanted to come back to see, left already.

Walk Counter-Clockwise

Since this is our third time doing this, we know exactly how we want to walk around the lake. We suggest entering right next to the McDonald’s which I believe is also where participants check-in, and walk counter-clockwise along the lake.

Oktoberfest at Lake Arrowhead

The end of our journey takes us to a stage where they’re performing German music and celebrating Oktoberfest. How perfect is that!? For those that are unfamiliar, Oktoberfest originated in Germany and is THE event of the year where Germans celebrate beer. I think that my husband have always waited for this moment when his boys are old enough to enjoy these experiences with him. We’re already talking about going again next year. Porsche Timeline Exhibition is an annual event hosted by the Porsche Club of America Riverside Region and they always do it in Lake Arrowhead, California. For more information, please visit their website here: riversidepca.org. For more information about visiting Lake Arrowhead, please visit their website here: www.lakearrowhead.com.

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