Simon Mall Easter Bunny Photo Experience, Caring Bunny, and Pet Photo Night

Spring in Southern California are warm and sunny. Lately, it’s been cold and rainy. We’re getting a lot of rain so hopefully we are out of a drought. Soon we will celebrate Spring again and Easter will be upon us. One of our favorite Easter tradition (after Egg Hunting) is taking photos with the Easter Bunny. They make great keepsakes and the children are forever changing. When the kids were younger, we hopped on over to Simon Mall because we’ve had some the best experiences with Noerr Programs. Friendly bunnies are important to us, and their bunny waves to children as they are passing by. Have a child with Special Needs? Be sure to find out more about their Caring Bunny experience. They also have sessions set up for your pets!

Helpful Tips to Try Before Meeting the Bunny:

When my kids were younger (maybe still now), they didn’t like to sit for long periods of time and especially to take photos. It would be amazing if my kids can do a photo session within 5 minutes. It would be perfect if we go in there, they look when they’re suppose to, and we walk away with beautiful photos, but this is Mom’s wishful thinking, of course. Having very energetic boys (one with mild special needs). My kids tend to do better when I fully prepare them of what’s to come instead of surprising them. For example, if I just bring them and shout, SURPRISE!, there’s a chance they might freak out and try to run away from the scary giant animal. Instead, I break it down for them step-by-step by repeating the steps a few times, asking them questions to see if they’re listening, and offering a prize/reward/incentive (whatever they like at the moment) that they will receive after they earn it. I try to be as clear as possible when I’m doing this.


  1. “We’re going to the mall.”
  2. “We’re going to meet with the Easter Bunny.”
  3. “Smile for the camera.”
  4. “You’ll get _______ (eg time for iPad, favorite treat, etc.) for doing all these things.”

I’m aiming for 100% cooperation, but I’ll get about 50% which I think is still pretty good.

I still love our photo from 2015! My kids are no longer little anymore. 🙁

TIP: Go during the week to avoid large crowds!

Our photo session with Noerr Programs was short and sweet. The staff was extremely patient and the photo quality is high end. We love our photos! They’re brightly colored and balanced with good lighting, sharp not blurry, and the children look happy. If you love your photo, consider purchasing a CD. Ours included all the images from our session, and they’re high resolution (about 5.5 MB, 4272 x 2848) so we can print them or make customizable gifts (mugs, calendars, cards, etc.) over and over again.

Caring Bunny™

Simon’s Caring Bunny™ events offer families that have children with special needs a subdued environment to participate in the Bunny Photo Experience. Caring Bunny has been developed by Simon and is guided by (a national online resource hub and special needs community.) Over 90 Simon® properties will host the Caring Bunny this season. Promotional assistance for Caring Bunny has been provided by Autism Speaks. Families can reserve a spot for Caring Bunny at Here are examples of what will happen:

  • In-mall music will be turned off, they’re stopping escalators located near the photo set, they’re dimming the lights and shutting down fountains for the duration of the event.
  • Queue lines will be eliminated and they’re going to use a numbering system whereby guests approach the set when their number is called.
  • Special activities geared toward the needs of the child will be available during the ‘wait’ period to help the child understand what activities will occur during the visit.


  • Brea Mall: Sunday, April 7, 2019 (9 AM – 10:30 AM)
  • The Shops at Mission Viejo: Sunday, April 7, 2019 (9 AM – 10:30 AM)

Pet Photo Night with Easter Bunny

We love our pets and Simon understands they’re part of the family too. Easter Pet Photo Nights are hosted after regular mall closing and the set gets an extensive cleaning following the event to remove any potential risk to allergy sufferers. 

Brea Mall Only!

  • Sunday, March 31, 2019 from 7pm to 8:30pm!
  • Sunday, April 14, 2019 from 7pm to 8:30pm!

Simon Kidgits Club 

The Simon Kidgits Club is a fun program that focuses on health, wellness, education, safety and entertainment for children ages 3-8. The Simon Kidgits Club® will host a special event at each Simon Mall where kids can participate in various themed activities and games throughout the year. For more information about the Simon Kidgits Club, visit

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