Play Date/Play Day at Pretend City | @PretendCity

Last week, we were off work and school for MLK Day so I wanted to take my kids somewhere they loved. Pretend City Children’s Museum in Irvine is still a favorite so off we went. a Ralph’s Grocery Store, a Kaiser Medical Center, a beach, a Marina with fishing poles, rain boots, and rain coats, a construction zone, a Wahoo’s Cafe, a Post Office, a library, a Fire Station, a Gas Station, ATM machines, an amphitheater, a Farm, a house with a kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms, and an art center. Whew – hopefully I didn’t miss anything, but I hope you get the idea. With lots to do, we don’t … READ MORE >>

Get Creeped Out @ Pretend City (PLUS a Giveaway)!

I am getting chills just thinking about this. In October, creepy crawlers and other cool creatures will invade Pretend City Children’s Museum. What better way to celebrate the spooky month of October than to have your children explore and look for the creatures at the craggy cave, grassy meadow, and frightful farm shed at Pretend City. A special activity for each day of the week throughout the month include: daily bug-themed activities, meeting special “guests”, and creating creatures in the Art Studio. Which one will you want to see? Photo Credits: Pretend City Children’s Museum Mondays: Art Studio Sessions Baby Bugs “Squishy, Slimy, Creepy Crawly art projects are in store … READ MORE >>