GIVEAWAY: Safety Tat “Just in Case” Temporary Tattoos for Children | @SafetyTat #AutismAwareness

It’s Autism Awareness Month, and you may not know this, but many children with autism attempt to elope from safe environments. Of those who elope, many are unable to answer simple questions like what is their name or phone number. It’s a scary situation! Parents of children who elope are often afraid to take their child to large open places like amusement parks, because they fear their often nonverbal or speech-delayed child will get lost and not be able to tell someone how to find their parents. Introducing the Safety Tat (temporary “just in case” tattoos). We received a sample of the boy-themed pack. They are really easy to use … READ MORE >>

Tech Tuesday: Keep Track of Your Family with React Mobile App | @ReactMobile #Ad

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of React Mobile. Turn Your Phone into a Powerful Safety Device with React Mobile App! I know that it’s every parent’s worry when it comes to keeping track of our kids whereabouts. What if there was a way (like having a tracking device on them) at all times? What if there was an easier way for them to just check in? Well now there is with this new app called React Mobile. React Mobile app turns our smartphones into a powerful safety device which will alert your emergency contacts when you’re in danger or feel unsafe with a touch of … READ MORE >>

HALO SleepSacks Prevents SIDS

I’m going to be a new auntie in the next coming months to two twin boys and a niece (they’re due within a week of each other). I can hardly wait! Right now I’m helping them put a check list together for their baby registry. One of my all time favorite things to use when my boys were younger (and gift) are HALO SleepSacks wearable blankets. One of the scariest thing about being a new parent is the dangers of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is the leading cause of death among infants 1 month to 1 year old. No one can really predict the cause, but you can … READ MORE >>