Camping: Meal Planning Tips for Large Groups

Meal Planning was a big part of our experience at Yosemite National Park. You might have seen some of the fun things we served across our social feeds. When you’re going with a large group, prior planning is necessary so that you are not only sharing the cost, but you’re feeding everyone in a timely manner and you’re not wasting food either. You can get as creative as you’d like and most everyone (since they are hungry) will try it. I couldn’t ask for a better group to do this with, and it all came out so good. When everyone do their part, it comes out beautifully. Meal Planning Group … READ MORE >>

Paella Wine & Beer Festival Ticket Giveaway!

Join Orange County’s first ever PAELLA WINE & BEER FESTIVAL on Saturday, August 26, 2017 from 4-9 pm at the Orange County Fair and Event Center. There will be live entertainment including Flamenco performances and Spanish rock, and local vendors will offer tapas, sangrias, cocktails, cultural art, and more! Featuring an experience like what you would find while strolling through a lively outdoor market in Spain, watch as nearly 50 local chefs compete with their own paella recipes for the chance to represent the United States at the World Paella Championship in Sueca, Valencia, Spain!

With thousands expected to attend, the Paella Wine & Beer Festival is one of the most authentic Hispanic culinary events in the United States and presents a unique opportunity for local chefs to become known internationally. Every paella will be judged by experts, most of which are traveling from Spain, to weigh in on the competition. At the event, there will also be a record set with the largest paella ever made in the United States, enough to feed 3,000 people, prepared by Chef Leo Razo of Villa Roma in Laguna Niguel.

85C Bakery Cafe Opens 1000th Location!

85 °C Bakery Cafe, an Asian-Euro fusion bakery, has 15 locations in the Los Angeles and Orange County area with their newest local location in Koreatown, and their 1,000th global location in Houston! Their name comes from the perfect temperature to brew coffee 85C (185F). Originating from Taiwan in 2003, their first US store is located right here in OC – Irvine (2008). I remember a time when they had long lines out the door like you would see at popular nightclubs. It was astonishing, and it was like that all the time. They always have at least 60 baked bread items and 60 types of pastries available throughout the day TIP: Always ask if they have a fresh batch of your favorite bread, some times they don’t fill the shelves fast enough and they will always give it to you if they have it. All their breads is baked fresh in house every 4 hours all day. Their top selling items include brioche, marble taro, iced sea salt coffee, and mango crème brûlée. They have over 40 drink options and variations. You can also get any drink with boba. I, for one, just love their Sea Salt Coffee (Americano coffee, sea salt, and sweet cream), and I get it with “less sugar.” Hint: You can get 85 cents Iced Sea Salt Coffee on Coffee Mondays.

Philly’s Best Cheesesteaks’ New BBQ Twist + Giveaway!

Southern California’s destination for authentic Philly Cheesesteaks and Hoagies, Philly’s Best Cheesesteaks, is celebrating summer with their new BBQ menu featuring four items smothered in smoky-sweet BBQ sauce! It’s available through the end of August at all 21 Philly’s Best locations across the Southland! PLUS there’s a contest right now for tickets to an Angels vs. Phillies game but you have to enter by July 26th. Get the details below!

  • BBQ Cheesesteak – Thinly sliced steak tossed in smoky BBQ sauce with melted white American cheese on an authentic Amoroso roll. Available with or without grilled onions.
  • BBQ Chicken & Cheese – Thinly sliced chicken tossed in smoky BBQ sauce with melted white American cheese on an authentic Amoroso roll. Available with or without grilled onions.
  • BBQ Burger – Juicy all-beef patty topped with white American cheese, crispy golden onion rings and smoky BBQ sauce on an authentic Amoroso Kaiser roll.
  • BBQ Salad – Thinly sliced chicken or steak tossed in smoky BBQ sauce with melted white American cheese, crispy fried onion strings and sliced tomatoes atop a bed of fresh lettuce and served with ranch dressing

New TRADE Food Hall in Irvine near SNA and UCI

TRADE FOOD HALL is a new casual dining center which is conveniently located near the John Wayne Airport (SNA) and University of California Irvine. The food hall features a vertical garden and courtyard seating. Offering unique dishes to satisfy every tastebud, it’s not your typical food court. You’ll find vegan, vegetarian, fried chicken, a bar, Latin-Asian and Latin-Mexican dishes, mediterranean, poke bowls, seafood, pork sandwiches with candied bacon, burgers with fried eggs, waffle-pops, and more! Descriptions of the restaurants are below.