EASY RECIPE: Daddy and Me Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is a sponsored post written by Leyna Doan for Smart & Final. Father’s Day is all about Dads and this Father’s Day I want to celebrate Dads by getting my husband in the kitchen with our daughter. You see, I remember cooking with my Dad when I was little. My Dad didn’t cook very often but when he did, he always had so much pride in it. His fish dish is still one of my favorite dishes, and I still cherish our memory together. Thankfully, he is still with us today, but miles away, and it got me thinking. My husband doesn’t cook much either, but our two-year old … READ MORE >>

Let’s Discover Boating This Summer | #discoverboating (sp)

Summer time means summer fun. Here in the United States, we are blessed with nearby beaches and lakes. Memorial Day is here to kick off summer this weekend. I need to start thinking about our family summer bucket list, and one of the things I really need to add is a boating activity. It has been a while but I remember going to Lake Tahoe when my boys were little, and found a photo of one of them on a jet ski, but now is the time they can actually learn about safety and really enjoy it, PLUS it was absolutely gorgeous up there with snow-capped mountains in July. DiscoverBoating.com, … READ MORE >>