Dun Dun Dahhh!! The Croods Global Media Day @DWAnimation @FHEInsiders | #TheCroodsDVD @TheCroodsFilm

As you know, we’re Fox Home Ent Insiders, and we’re getting ready for The Croods Blu-ray/DVD release. I sent my friend Erin to DreamWorks’ headquarters to The Croods Global Media Day for a behind the scenes look and this is what she reported… Photo Courtesy: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Upon arriving at the studio for the Global Media Day, we were kindly greeted by none other than Belt himself with arms wide open! Don’t you want to just hug him?? Photo Courtesy: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Talented Directors Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stitch) & Kirk DeMicco (Space Chimps) briefed us on the creation of The Croods and showed … READ MORE >>

REVIEW: “Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Friends Forever” DVD @FoxHomeEnt

I just watched 1.5 hours of the NEW Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Friends Forever DVD, and I must say it was really cute. Each episode tells a story of the meaning of friendship through life lessons. 1st Episode – Learning Traditions In the first episode, Blueberry ran late and interrupted the princess while she was talking. It was “bad manners” to be late and interrupt others. After feeling badly, she stayed up late studying a book of traditions and manners for a ceremony the next day. “Traditions are a way to show respect for how things used to be done in the past.” During the ceremony, Blueberry went around to make … READ MORE >>