Show Review: ILLUSIONISTS Live From Broadway at Segerstrom Center #SCFTA #TheIllusionists

My daughter Tori and I love the theater, and we were ecstatic to spend a little girl time at THE ILLUSIONISTS Live from Broadway at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Seven of the most acclaimed Illusionists have joined on stage for a spectacular night of magic! THE ILLUSIONISTS is full of comedy, magic, and surprises. We witnessed disappearing acts, levitation, and a full view water torture escape! This two hour variety show was a spellbinding escape from reality. Show host Jeff Hobson, “The Trickster,” was hilarious! He frequently interacted with the audience and was engaging. Jeff’s humor was edgy, but went clear over the younger audience’s head. Directored and co-produced … READ MORE >>


Do you love magic shows? THE ILLUSIONISTS — LIVE FROM BROADWAY features talents of seven illusionists, and they’re coming to Orange County to perform at Segerstrom Center for the Arts February 2-7! The Manipulator, Yu Ho-Jin, was recently named the 2014 “Magician of the Year,” by Academy of Magical Arts and was the first Asian to win the Grand Prix at the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques, also known as the “Olympics of Magic.” The Anti-Conjuror, Dan Sperry. Described as Marilyn Manson meets David Copperfield, Dan combines the art of magic with the macabre and is one of the top-10 most Googled people, thanks to a legendary “America’s Got Talent” … READ MORE >>