HAPPY EARTH DAY! Things you can do with your family @Seussville

What’s everyone doing to save Earth today? My kids love The Lorax movie and I love the part when Lorax says, “Unless… someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss, The Lorax We’re watching the movie again today and will be discussing things we can do around the house. For things you can do with your family, check out The Lorax‘s facebook page >> https://www.facebook.com/TheLorax They share tips like: “Be sure to turn off the water while you brush. That way you’ll waste less water and you won’t have to rush!” “Now here’s an idea that is really bright. … READ MORE >>

How to Save Money for Easter (Next Year)

Easter is over but who says you can’t take advantage of the deals for next year? Yesterday I was at Target and everything was 50%. Here’s my tip to you: always shop the “after” holiday clearance sales! These were $1 each! I don’t mean the candy of course, but for Easter, I recommend picking up two or three boxes of the dye kits, dyeing cups if you don’t already have them, and plastic Easter eggs which are now $1 each. At some point they will mark them down again to 75% but by then it might sell out so why chance it?Other stores I recommend are Walmart, Michaels (for the … READ MORE >>

Don’t Forget EBATES for All Your ONLINE Holiday Shopping! Get Cashback!!

Ebates? Get a rebate from ALL your ONLINE purchases and it’s FREE. I’m not kidding! Shop from major stores like you normally would like Macy’s, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buys, ToysRus, Target, etc. (only to name a few), then after the holidays you get a rebate check in the mail! Simple as that. My sister-in-law thanked me because over Black Friday, they had this bonus deal that doubled her cash back and she got about $90 coming back to her. You’re welcome! Signing up is really easy. All you do is: here. (2) Search for the store you’re about to purchase from. (3) It’ll redirect you to the store’s website (make … READ MORE >>

How to Form a Play Group and Save Money

Have you ever thought about going somewhere fun but changed your mind, because you saw how much it cost? Would you change your mind back if you saw how much you would save if you had a Group Rate? Are you a working parent that doesn’t have time to meet new parents? This morning I’m going to show you how easy it is to Form a Play Group to Save Money. When my son was born, I reconnected with an old friend and she kept trying to get me to join her Mom Group. A little background – I’ve worked since I was 16 so when I had my son, … READ MORE >>