My Back-to-School Style at Outlets at Orange, Fashion for Moms

My son is wearing clothing items from H&M. (The outfit including jacket came out to about $55: skinny jeans $9.99, licensed tee $9.99, long sleeve $12.99, jacket $19.99). Nintendo is coming back in a big way so I got him this Game Over backpack from Vans ($40). For shoes, he picked out these checkerboard slip on shoes also found at Vans ($50). With jeggings ($47.70) at Calvin Klein. The denim dress ($41.99) was on sale at LOFT Outlet. I feel like I’m going back to school too with these looks but they are very comfy to run errands and make appearances at events. I love them and can’t wait to … READ MORE >>

Outlets at Orange: Mission Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and The Outlets at Orange joins Susan G. Komen with the fight against breast cancer with “Mission Pink®”. Through various fundraising initiatives, Simon Mall will support Susan G. Komen along with the help of generous customers to guarantee a contribution of at least $250,000. Monies raised helps fund mammograms, outreach and education programs and fuel life-saving research. “We are delighted to be working with the dedicated people at Simon,” said Dr. Judy Salerno, Komen President and CEO. “With one case of breast cancer diagnosed every two minutes in the U.S., programs like Simon’s ‘Mission Pink’ play a key role in bringing our mission to … READ MORE >>

Making Time to Relax at Burke Williams

Some of you know that I recently made the transition to go back to work Full-time. It was scary at first (finding and trusting childcare while adjusting, etc), but now it doesn’t even feel like I ever stopped working. As working parents, when do you ever get a break? You’ll have to teach me how you do it, because I burn out midweek, and I find it nearly impossible to make time for myself. Those who know me know that I love spending Girl-Time at Day Spas. The main difference is Day Spas have a full facility with a lounge (or lounges), showers, Jacuzzi, steam room, and vanity room, etc. whereas the other spas only have treatment rooms. I couldn’t resist Burke Williams invitation to come out and experience their amenities. I finally just did it and made an appointment after work. Have you been to Burke Williams before? If you haven’t, I’ll walk you through it. There are several locations throughout Southern California. (I think I’ve been to four of them between LA and OC). I think Orange is the largest one – aren’t we lucky?