3 Easy Dinners with New Foster Farms Baked Never Fried Chicken + Giveaway! #FFBakedisBetter

Planning weekly meals for the family is often challenging for me, because I only want to make one grocery run for the week, and I can’t spend too much time putting it together so if I am missing an ingredient for the recipe, I have to find a new one. Foster Farms has new product called BAKED that are in the frozen section at Albertson’s or Vons. They come in 1.5 lb bags and you can always have them as a back up or if you need to make quick meals. I was up for the challenge and ended up making three simple meals that are so easy. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

SuperBowl Recipe: Shrimp Queso Fundido

Pot luck is always best and everyone usually brings a favorite dish to share relieving some of the stress for the host. I’m making a Queso Fundido this year and sharing my recipe below! Something about melted cheese makes everyone want to salivate! It has always been one of my favorite appetizers, and it is such a versatile dish, because you can add any protein to it like shrimp, lobster, and of course classically Chorizo.

FAMILY MEAL RECIPE: Garlic Shrimp with Cheese Tortellini with Parmesan Garlic Bread

Both my husband and I come from large families. Our family meals are always important, because it brings us all together no matter how busy and hectic our schedules are. Now that I have my own household to run, I want us to continue that tradition. Sometimes dinners are the only times we see each other. In honor of Family Meal Month in September, I’d like to share my simple and hearty Garlic Shrimp and Cheese Tortillini Recipe brought to you by SMART & FINAL. I love shopping at Smart & Final because they have everything. When cooking for my family, I always have to buy things in bulk because I’m cooking for six. Sometimes I can freeze what I don’t use. They always have a great selection of ingredients with great prices!

DIY Frozen Fruit Pops Using Bolthouse Farms Juice

Do you love a good frozen pop to cool you down in the summer? This is something super easy you can try. BOLTHOUSE FARMS shipped us a sample of juices the other day along with ice molds. Inspired by the fresh fruits and vegetables in their juice, I picked up melons, mangos, green grapes, and blueberries. I tried to find fruits that taste great even when frozen. The children and I had fun making our own, and they were super easy from start to finish.

Grilled Hatch Chile Wrapped Shrimp Recipe

Post sponsored by Gigasavvy. All opinions are my own. #NorthgateMarket #HatchChile HATCH CHILES are in season right now through October! I recently picked up some for a recipe at Northgate Gonzalez Market. You can buy them by the 25 pound bag or individually. They are mild, long and curved, have good flavor, and great for stuffing. In August, select Northgate Markets will host Hatch Chile Roasting events on the weekends. My chef sister, Leyna, helped me with this recipe. Doesn’t it look amazing? It is an easy recipe that is very flavorful and will be sure to impress. Get the recipe below! Yields 4-6 servings. We thought the recipe was … READ MORE >>