CATALINA ISLAND: Sample 2-Day Itinerary with Kids

Welcome to Part II of our Santa Catalina Island Adventures! We just got back from an eventful getaway exploring the beautiful Avalon, California. We were super active and loved every minute. Here’s how you too can maximize two-full days in Catalina with children. SAMPLE 2 – Day Itinerary with Kids! Note: We departed from Downtown Long Beach with Catalina Express. This is written from our personal experiences and for entertainment purposes only. Activity times are accurate at time of publishing and could change without notice. Please check ahead for most updated information. *Note: This time will vary depending on what port you depart from. DAY ONE 7:30 am* … Arrive … READ MORE >>

TRAVEL: Our Family Snow Vacation Itinerary – Breckenridge, Colorado | @GoBreck #BreckBecause

Today, we’re kicking off a Travel Series of our Snow Vacation to Breckenridge, Colorado. You may have seen the pictures we’ve shared and curious to know how we decided on Breckenridge. EASY. We had family headed there so when we were playing around with the idea, we found round-trip tickets for a smokin’ deal at $175* via South West Airlines! (To compare, most national round-trip tickets average around $400 these days plus luggage – so yes, we were STOKED!) *Note: This was an airline special that we stumbled upon. Your search results may vary. Flying over Colorado. Photo by I’m usually the planner in our group, so I find … READ MORE >>