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Last month, Winder Farms, a premier home delivery grocery company, hosted a free Old Fashioned Fair at Tanaka Farms to debut their services in Orange County. We attended their media event which was also held at Tanaka Farms a few days before. We listened to an informative introduction to the company, went on a wagon tour of Tanaka’s organic farm, sampled produce on the wagon ride, then enjoyed a nice healthy lunch with their products.

We are big fans of field trips to Tanaka Farms, and I loved seeing my kids try vegetables. We also loved how sweet their corn is.

When we were offered a sample of their home delivery, of course, we said, YES!! A few weeks later, this arrived at our door around 12:30 am. Everything was in an insulated cooler grocery bag.

I found milk, chocolate milk, eggs, bread, thick cut bacon, fresh pasta, and fresh produce – onions, egg plants, carrots, lettuce, basil, watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges, and radishes. We also received a box of frozen chicken marsala which I remembered was tasty from the media event.

What I like about the groceries are that they are from local farms.

California Milk
Bread from a local Baker.
www.winderfarms.com to receive weekly deliveries of the perishable products they use most, like milk, cream, eggs, cheese, yogurt, bread, bagels, cookies, muffins, fresh, produce, bacon, sausage, grass fed meats and fresh squeezed juices. Products can be added or taken off weekly deliveries at any time. Deliveries take place once a week while our customers sleep and are left right at their front door by 8am in a large cooler bag. Customers can even sign up for free weekly emails or text reminders to update their online order the day before delivery, as well as to reminders to retrieve their products from the front porch.

Who is eligible to sign up for Winder Farms service?

Winder Farms is now serving all of Orange County, delivering farm fresh, all-natural products to Orange County households. Unfortunately, Winder Farms does not deliver to condos or apartment buildings due access difficulties. If you want to confirm that Winder Farms will deliver to your home, please call 1.800.WINDER1 to speak with a customer service representative.

What are ALL the costs associated with signing up for Winder Farms services.

There are no hefty annual membership fees or expensive delivery fees with Winder Farms. When a customer signs up to receive Winder Farms subscription-based service of 40 deliveries (10 months of service), they are charged a one-time fee of $7 for cooler bags. Each delivery is only $1.99 (prices may vary in other markets). If a customer decides to cancel Winder Farms service early, the early cancellation fee is only $25.

Are Winder Farms prices comparable to big grocery stores?

Winder Farms’ high quality farm fresh products are comparable to premium grocery stores like Whole Foods or your local farmers market.

What type of products can I order from Winder Farms?

Winder Farms specializes in offering quality, all-natural perishable foods such as dairy, fresh produce, fresh squeezed juices, and all-natural meats. We also carry some specialty all-natural frozen dinners such as pizzas, chicken meals and pasta dishes. Winder Farms does not carry any canned goods, paper goods, cleaning supplies, candy, toiletries, alcohol, etc.

Where do Winder Farms products come from?

Winder Farms works with local farms, artisan bakeries, and businesses to deliver a wide range of farm fresh products so Orange County families can feel good about supporting local businesses. For example, in Orange County we work with Tanaka Farms to provide farm fresh produce.

What is the benefit of signing up for Winder Farms service?

Winder Farms helps families save time, money and gas by delivering groceries right to their doorstep. More importantly, we simplify the lives of time-strapped families by delivering the products they use most, and our weekly deliveries allow moms to feed their families fresh all-natural products all week, without having to resort to the canned soup or boxed dinner by the end of the week.

What makes Winder Farms business model successful?

While other home grocery delivery companies attempt to find success, Winder Farms operates a proven subscription-based business model that has enabled the company to flourish for over 130 years. Its subscription based method offers busy families a simple way to keep healthy foods and staples in the house without having to think about a grocery list or trip to the grocery store.

Why does Winder Farms offer locally produced goods?

Buying local is extremely important to today’s savvy health-conscious consumers. Winder Farms has forged partnerships with over three dozen local artisan farmers, bakeries and businesses in each market to provide its customers with the freshest local products.

Are Winder Farms products GMO free?

Not yet. Non-GMO foods are a recent consumer trend and one that we believe is very important. As more and more local businesses produce non-GMO foods we will begin to offer those to our customers. Unfortunately, there just isn’t that many artisan food companies making non-GMO foods yet.

Why the “milkman” reference in Winder Farms marketing?

Winder Farms began over 130 years ago as Winder Dairy. Winder Dairy operated its own dairy farm and delivered milk and dairy products to customers with a horse-pulled cart.

Today, Winder Farms is dedicated to maintaining some of its old-fashioned and nostalgic traditions that consumers have come love about the company, like delivering fresh milk in old-school recyclable glass bottles, employing delivery people who will be on the same route week after week, which is reminiscent of the neighborhood milk man, and providing outstanding customer service in which consumers can actually call and talk to a real person to change orders.

“Our goal at Winder Farms is to simplify life for busy Orange County parents who care about feeding their families natural and nutritious foods. With Winder Farms, moms and dads don’t have to worry if they can’t make it to their local farmers market that week. All they have to do is sign up with Winder Farms, order online, and open their front door in the morning to a Winder Farms cooler bag filled with farmer’s market quality fresh foods,” said Mike Dutton, chief executive officer of Winder Farms.
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About Winder Farms:
Winder Farms began its delivery service in 1880 by delivering fresh milk and dairy products from its own dairy farm with a horse-drawn cart. Today, Winder Farms has modernized its methods with online orders and text reminders, but the company carries on its long-standing tradition of delivering farm fresh organic, all-natural and hormone-free products provided by local artisan farmers, bakeries, and businesses.

Winder Farms offers more than 300 farm fresh products to customers in Utah, Las Vegas, Nev., and Orange County, Calif. — and delivers them right to customers’ doors every week. As a “farmers market on wheels,” product choices include all-natural dairy items, eggs and cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, meats, freshly made pasta, fresh baked breads, dinner entrées and much more. It is easy to get started—customers simply place a standing order for delivery each week and can make changes online by 8 p.m. the night before the scheduled delivery day. The items are then delivered to a cooler bag outside each customer’s home before 8 a.m.

Disclosure: We received the groceries to sample in exchange for sharing a review with our readers. All opinions are our own. All images by LetsPlayOC.com.

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