Mother’s Therapy Organics

We received some product samples of Mother’s Therapy Organics: hand sanitizer, germ-fighting hand lotion, and baby lotion. They come in travel sizes which are great for diaper bags. They have a nice refreshing scent to them and the best part – they’re organic and safe! Take a look below to learn more about them. Organic Hand Sanitizer “Because of it’s 99.9% germ-kill ratio and just as importantly for kids, it’s quick-dry properties, we have chosen natural alcohol as the active ingredient in our Hand Sanitizer. Contrary to popular belief, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer can leave skin softer than before use! Mother’s Therapy Organics uses the purest organic and natural ingredients. As … READ MORE >>

Tips for Planting a Mini-Herb Garden | Handmade Planters by ThinkEco2

Do you live in an apartment or condo and have limited patio space for an herb garden? Well this might be the perfect solution. ThinkEco2 (a company out of San Diego) sent us a handmade planter with reclaimed cedar and up-cycled wood to review. I live in a condo with a small patio so this planter was the perfect size for a mini-herb garden. I think it turned it out great. Tips below! The quality of the planters are top notch. Ours came in this unfinished rustic look. Each planter is removable. What I like is each planter has spacing on the bottom for drainage. The tray that holds all … READ MORE >>

DRIA Nursing Cover

I’m a proud auntie-to-be to twin nephews and a niece so when DRIA Cover asked me to review their nursing covers, of course, I said, Yes! Nursing covers make the perfect baby shower gift especially stylish and trendy ones like this one. I’m no longer nursing, but here are some features that I like about the DRIA Cover: The fabric is a premium super soft cotton jersey. It’s lightweight, but substantial and breathable material that doesn’t feel cheap and perfect for a cool day. The size of the cover is excellent, not too big, not too wide, and not too small. It is enough to cover an average size infant. … READ MORE >>

Little Green Pouch Reusable Food Pouch

If you want the on-the-go convenience of disposable food pouches without the waste and expense, check out this review of the Little Green Pouch! I sent a sample pack to my sister Kim who has a toddler and this is what she reported… My little one year old loves the food pouches filled with fruits and meals for stages 1 and 2. The pouches are most convenient when traveling. No need to pack a spoon or a bowl to feed the little tyke, because they just gobble it up straight from the pouch – how easy is that?! Depending on bulk or sale opportunities, each organic pouch runs about $1.50 … READ MORE >>