Christmas at SeaWorld San Diego

Whether you are a local or visiting from out of town, this is the best time of year in Southern California to spend with family and friends. There really is a lot to do here. The hardest part is finding the time that works best for everyone and deciding what to do.

Aquatica SeaWorld’s WaterPark San Diego

Written in collaboration with Aquatica. All opinions are our own.  We’re nearing the end of summer, but before we’re consumed with homework and schedules again, we’re creating summer memories to the max! We just got back from a three day trip to San Diego. It was non-stop fun as we took the children to both Aquatica SeaWorld’s Waterpark and SeaWorld. Some of my friends think that the waterpark is part of SeaWorld park, but it’s actually in Chula Vista which is about 20 miles away and closer to Mexico’s border. More than a dozen Caribbean flamingos live at Aquatica San Diego. They’re one of the first things you’ll see upon … READ MORE >>

SeaWorld San Diego – ‘O Wonderous Night’ Performances

The older my kids get, the more questions they ask! Every year they start to understand a little more that the meaning of Christmas is not just Santa delivering presents, but they still believe. We were pleased to learn SeaWorld San Diego brought back, “O Wondrous Night“. The live musical performance is the story of the birth of Jesus told through the eyes of the animals. The thirty minute show is narrated by storytelling puppet animals who all claim they are responsible for the birth of Jesus. It features more than 30 carols, beautiful storytelling puppets and live majestic animals, including camels, a donkey, llamas, sheep and doves. This show first premiered at … READ MORE >>

SeaWorld San Diego’s New Animal Connection Experience

Most recently we had an opportunity to try the new “Animal Connection Experience” at SeaWorld San Diego. It is a 30-minute open house experience with at least three of the animal ambassadors. We met with a 5 year-old beaver named Peanut from Canada, an Eastern Screech Owl named Ruby from Florida, Goldie a sulphur-crested cockatoo that trick-or-treats, an african crested porcupine, a Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth, and a retired asian small-clawed otter named Buffy. My family loved the experience. We got to touch the animals with supervision, learned about how they came to live at SeaWorld, their behaviors, what they eat, and take photos with them. This encounter is not yet advertised. During the summer it was offered daily but for now, it is currently offered on Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 pm. The groups are limited to 8-10 people. If this is something you would like to do, go to Blue Dolphin Interaction Check-in and ask to reserve for “Animal Connection Experience” or call for availability. They only do one tour a day so you might want to reserve it right when you arrive. It’s $40 a person and they are currently working on a price for children for 2018.

Behind the Scenes with SeaWorld San Diego + Ticket Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, we had a great opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at SeaWorld San Diego. It was a jammed packed day – Dolphin Days show, stayed after for a meet and greet with dolphins, animal encounters (I pet a penguin named Bruce), watched the new Orcas Encounter show, toured the Animal Health and Rescue Center and more! It was a full day of fun and we were spent, but if you are not ready to leave, they have a new Electric Ocean experience during summer nights that will keep the party going. More details below and be sure to enter for a chance to win four tickets!