Sensory-Friendly Birthday Party at We Rock the Spectrum Laguna Hills #WeRockLagunaHills

Did you know that Laguna Hills has a unique sensory gym for children called We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym (WRTS)? Lisa had her twin’s birthday party there recently, and she wrote all about it below! The place is smaller and quieter than most kids’ entertainment venues. But it was the perfect size for our kids. I loved that it is super clean and not loud. They have a great trampoline, zip line and amazing OT (Occupational Therapy) equipment. Everything is laid out so well for our sensory seeking kids. There is also an arts and crafts section, a dress up area, and a play kitchen. They even have a … READ MORE >>

REVIEW: Sensory-Friendly ROOM ON THE BROOM @SegerstromArts #SCFTA

Going to the movies or theatre can be fun and exciting, but for families who have kids with autism, the event can be scary and frustrating. Many kids with autism have sensory issues which make bright lights or loud music overwhelming. Thankfully, Segerstrom Center for the Arts is now offering new sensory-friendly performances for families with autism or sensory sensitivity. Last month, I was invited to attend the first one in their series with my family, Room on the Broom. Upon entering, we received these handouts. (They are like the kid’s version of the Playlist.) If you have a child with autism, I would highly recommend attending the sensory-friendly shows … READ MORE >>

New Sensory-Friendly Performances at Segerstrom Center | Room on the Broom #SCFTA

Sensory-Friendly Performance Series. These shows are designed for families with autism or sensory sensitivity. Here’s what it means: There will be a reduction of sound levels (particularly loud or startling sounds.) There will be a reduction of overwhelming stage lighting. There will be low ambient lighting in the theater throughout the performance so patrons are able to see should they need to move around or exit the theater. Preparatory materials called Previsit Guides will be provided so you will know what to expect from the performance. Previsit Guides include pictures with simple captions. You can also download them here: The use of iPads or smart phones will be allowed … READ MORE >>