Scooters Jungle Aliso Viejo

Scooter’s Jungle Indoor Play Arena + Giveaway!

We’re always looking for great options for playdates to meet with friends. The children like to run around, and although they’re more independent, we still want them to be safe. In Orange County, there are so many venues to choose from, and we are blessed with beautiful weather year-round. Playdates usually run about two hours so we don’t feel guilty being indoors. Most recently we were at Scooter’s Jungle, an indoor play arena in Aliso Viejo, for their first annual Halloween Bounce Party. It was pretty fun. It was on a school night but it was in the evening which gave us time to do homework beforehand, play for a few … READ MORE >>

ZOOMARS Petting Zoo’s Pumpkinpalooza + Kids’ Favorites!

We’re wrapping up the last few days of October with a week to Halloween to go! I cannot wait for cooler weather after a week of scorching heat, but we still have time to have fun and visit pumpkin patches. Have you been to ZOOMARS Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano? It is a cute little petting zoo with more than 200 animals ranging from gregarious goats, sheep, potbellied pigs, exotic emu, humpbacked zebu cows, llamas, bunnies, and our favorite – the guinea pigs! I know you have seen photos of children hugging and feeding them somewhere. Well it is right here at ZOOMARS. They also have a kiddie train, pony rides, gold panning, a large play structure, and a corn box. During October, ZOOMARS is transformed into PUMPKINPALOOZA offering a family-style pumpkin patch with kid-friendly hay maze, pumpkin decorating, and all of the other activities mentioned above.

Fresh Brothers Delivery Saved Our Birthday Party + Pizza Giveaway!

October is National Pizza Month! It has been an eventful year since we became official homeowners, and I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to throw a party in our clubhouse by the pool. My son’s birthday was around our one year anniversary so I jumped to the occasion. Planning has been stressful, because I waiting too long to purchase items for the theme (Shark Bite). They cleared the items from the shelves after Labor Day, and it was too late to order online to have them delivered without a rush fee. It was totally my fault, because I waited last minute. I eventually went back to the LEGO Theme which I have used before. The only item my son asked for was a LEGO Ninjago Movie Cake with Ninja Lloyd, and I found a local baker that was willing to do it for me. We couldn’t cook at the clubhouse so serving hot food was another issue. FRESH BROTHERS PIZZA delivery came to the rescue, and they made it easy for me. Not only did I not have to leave my party to pick up food nor burden someone else to do it, I didn’t have to worry about heating up food. It was a Win/Win.

Adventure City Little Theme Park Anaheim

One of the attractions that is big on family fun is the little theme park in Anaheim – ADVENTURE CITY! Did you know this amusement park is right down the street from Knott’s Berry Farm (between Ball and Cerritos) on Beach Boulevard? This family owned and operated park has 17 rides, shows, and attractions including a petting zoo, a misting rain room, arcade, and Thomas & Friends area which is a great resting spot. Their newest ride is a coaster called “Rewind Racers”. It goes backwards, forwards, and once it reaches the top, it goes backwards in rewind! It is a favorite! With admissions like $18.95 per person, unlimited rides, and free parking, it’s really hard to beat! This park is not that big, but it’s packed with things to do for all ages. It’s also the perfect size for the little ones. The park is not super crowded like the others so it’s less time in lines and more time on rides. I’ll highlight a few with height and age restrictions below.

Rockin Jump Orange County Ticket Giveaway! #LetsPlayOC

Do your kids need to burn off energy? I like to keep mine moving or they will watch TV or play games all summer. Arranging play dates is the way to go, because it makes it harder to get out of. (I feel more committed when it’s on my calendar.) One of our favorite indoor trampoline places in Orange County is Rockin’ Jump in Santa Ana. It is one of the newer ones, and it doesn’t have that overwhelming stinky smell. Part of it is because they make everyone buy their socks (no exceptions). TICKET GIVEAWAY >> Cick here to enter for a chance to win a Family 4-Pack of … READ MORE >>